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These photos are from several "playshops" ranging from school
P-K to middle school classes, to adult classes, to ARC groups with disabilities, and Daycamps or Fieldtrips.

Photos from the Workshops, Adults:
* Milton, FL -TriWeave
   * Monticello, FL -TriWeave
   *St. Augustine, FL -TriWeave
   *Tallahassee, FL -Weave
   * Tallahassee & White Springs,FL-PaperMaking
   *Madison,ARC, FL -Fiberarts
   *Atlanta, GA - TriWeave

           * School/Kids
Apalachee Elem - Weaving
Brookwood Middle & High -PaperMaking
Cross Creek Elem. - Weaving
DeSoto Elem. - Weaving/Media

Ft. Braden PK - Weaving
Gadsden Elem. - Weaving
- Garrison-Pilcher Elem. - Weaving
-MacIntyre Middle -Weaving
-Madison & Monticello ARC - Fiberarts/Photo
-Nims & Swift Creek Middle -TriWeaving
- PineView & Sullivan P-K -PaperMaking
Thomasville High - Weaving
-Woodville 4th Grade -Spin/Weave
*Day Camps:
KinderSchool - Weaving Field Trip
Unitarian Harmony - Weaving/Dyes
Epiphany Lutheran - Lamb/Weaving/Dyes
Epiphany Lutheran - Lamb/Weaving/Dyes
Jefferson Arts - PaperMaking , Natural Dyes
Lafayette A&C - Weaving/Dyes Field Trip

Nims Middle School

Swift Creek Middle School

Two middle schools were the first to try the triangle weavings. After removing them from the frames, the Nims group shows the wide variety of projects made.

Triangle weaving is a special technique that doesn't require a loom. They are versatile with colors, textures, and uses: scarves, capes, belts, pillows, or framed designs.

We started with paper weaving, then used yarn to string the frames.

Prior to this, students saw yarns spun from raw wool, plus weaving on a standard loom.

  Each student practiced on the standing frame...

then began individual projects on their own, smaller frame.


The first project finished...

deserves a High-Five.

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