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These photos are from several "playshops" ranging from school
P-K to middle school classes, to adult classes, to ARC groups with disabilities, and Daycamps or Fieldtrips.

Photos from the Workshops, Adults:
* Milton, FL -TriWeave
   * Monticello, FL -TriWeave
   *St. Augustine, FL -TriWeave
   *Tallahassee, FL -Weave
   *Tallahassee & White Springs,FL-PaperMaking
   *Madison,ARC, FL -Fiberarts
   * Atlanta, GA - TriWeave

           * School/Kids
Apalachee Elem - Weaving
Brookwood Middle & High -PaperMaking
Cross Creek Elem. - Weaving
DeSoto Trail Elem. - Weaving/Media

Ft. Braden PK - Weaving
Gadsden Elem. - Weaving
Garrison-Pilcher Elem. - Weaving

- -MacIntyre Middle -Weaving
-Madison & Monticello ARC - Fiberarts/Photo
-Nims & Swift Creek Middle -TriWeaving
- PineView & Sullivan P-K -PaperMaking
Thomasville High - Weaving -Woodville 4th Grade -Spin/Weave
*Day Camps:
KinderSchool - Weaving Field Trip
Unitarian Harmony - Weaving/Dyes
Epiphany Lutheran - Lamb/    Weaving/Dyes
Jefferson Arts - PaperMaking , Natural Dyes
Lafayette A&C - Weaving/Dyes Field Trip
Woodville 4th grade art



MacIntyre students enjoyed carding wool
and weaving on the loom.





Epiphany Luthern & Unitarian Day Camps

began with spinning and

weaving, then colored yarns w/natural dyes...



The group at Unitarian used pokeberries (magenta) and blueberries (blue/violet).

The other group used sassafras (gold) and madder root (deep red).  
A special treat was the
visit of CutieOne, a 4-mo. old Suffolk lamb.

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