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This page in progress, with other workshops to be added as needed. See Calendar page for schedule. If photos don't show, it helps to "refresh".
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* Weaving

Triangle Shawl




Weaving, Paper, Marbling Samples. . .
Student & otherwise


triangle weaving workshop group
Triangular       Weaving
  tri-weaving technique
Yarns to use: a perfect project for
     A fun, unique process, similar to a giant potholder that carries the weave from corner to corner and builds two sides at once.

nubby, textured, novelty yarns that don't fit a harness loom.
Frame: a simple, stand-up triangle,
that supports itself.

             We will build a simple frame,
which is yours to keep for future
weavings. In fact, larger wraps and other accessories can be made from putting multiple triangles together.

See Samples

      Or use a smaller scarf frame on a table.

Use for wraps, table or
window coverings, a throw,
or even pillows and totes.

      Weaving involves mixing in various yarns, colors, textures and even techniques such as woven lace or beading.
A shawl can be finished in a few hours, or worked at leisure while decorating your wall with a "work in progress". It is the most "forgiving" weaving project, allowing a myriad of changes, while stimulating you to keep creating everytime you see it.
  Workshops available: in Florida, in Tallahassee/Thomasville area art centers, and also day-trips to my studio. Come spend the day, visit the wooly girls (ewes), build a triangular loom and start your weavings. Check calendar for scheduled workshops, or contact me with requests.
Many of these demos and workshops are also available thru Artist-In-Education programs for public or private schools or disabilities programs, and may be funded thru local arts agencies. Various fiber-arts programs have been developed for
all grades, K - Sr. Citizen, regionally, since 1982.
Contact me to come to your school, organization, or event.

Just For Schools

Thoroughly enjoyed today! Time went very fast.
�.. I commend you on your patience, and your seeking alternative ways to explain/show
and encourage each of us � according to
our own �mental set��MP, 7/06
     The workshop at your studio
was fabulous. I loved building the frame
and learning the craft. But it was extra
special to spend a beautiful day with creative women -- creating. I will always remember how it refreshed my soul.
- WG, 2/06
...did a superb job of demystifying the process for me and the other members of the class, ...handouts were clear and to-the-point....BH, 8/05
The workshop was terrific, and I had such a great time! I don't think I've done that much physical action in one day for the last 20 years, so I got exhausted before we were done, but I REALLY enjoyed it!
- KS,2/06
I enjoyed the good group we had on Saturday - the shared learning of a new skill is powerful. PM, 7/06
Time: 1-day work-shops about 6 hrs.
2-day workshops    may be
4-5 hrs. each
sent with requirements.
Wood, nails, & yarns. Costs:
about $20
$70 & up, depending on studio or art center fees.

Can't come but want to know "How-To?": Attendees at workshops receive a 6-page handout illustrating
how to make a handmade frame, weave, and finish edges. I've included photos and drawings along with the tips and how-to's to help beginners deal with questions and mix-ups that might arise when working on their own. This handout is filled with many "remember to..." and covers changing colors/yarns, using/changing multiple strands, clearing twisted warps, and suggestions for creating with multiple triangles. It is available to others with $5 and a SASE. Please email me to order.



       screening paper pulp

couched paper sheets between felts
Papermaking is a fun, decorative activity, with lots of uses from journals to collage, to molding in 3-D.
We use colored pulp, mixed with Nature's textures: petals, seeds, grasses, feathers, cotton & wool fibers, possibly natural dyes and essential oils. It's a project to entice all the senses - visual, tactile, scent ... It's also a great experience for parent/child. Use your handmade papers for photo mats, mug mats, greeting cards, stationery, or even moulding around a form, such as a planter. We will discuss various uses and materials, build our screens with wooden frame or embroidery hoop, and mix pulp. Pulp is a mix of commercial and rag papers, or you can opt to use 100% natural fibers, such as cotton, abaca, and local plants.
Each participant will be able to make several papers.
Time: 1-day work-shops= about 4 hrs.
  Papers will need to be taken home to dry.
sent with requirements.
frames & screening costs:
about $6-$8.
$35 & up, depending on studio or art center fees.

PaperMaking for children's classes?
      This workshop is available to schools, camps, or other organizations
as a group activity. The entire process is demonstrated, then classes divide
into groups to come to the table to make their contribution to a class collage, which is left to dry and be displayed.
All demos are generally $50/hr, with all equipment and supplies provided.
Contact me for options and scheduling in the North Florida area. See also
"Dyed 'N Wool" private children's parties.

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