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Renoir's Jeanne models a top w/matching shawl. Click image for more.

T-Tops - loose & textured

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Leonardo's ("female head")model wears these colors well. Click image for more.

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*T-Tops       * Cholis      * Shells

Traditional styles have been passed down through the centuries as very concise geometric shapes originally woven on smaller looms. Narrower strips of fabric were then sewn together, side by side and end to end, to make larger pieces. The rectangles, squares, or folded triangles, were shaped in various ways to conform to the body and the seams became part of the design.
T-Tops are made from one long rectangle across the shoulders and 2 squares forming the torso. They are loose and comfortable, like a large T-shirt and the natural cottons are breatheable next to the skin.

   Options: short or long sleeves, ribbed necks or arms, hemmed with elastic, ribbing, or open slits on sides Necks are round, vee, or boat.

    The peach T-Top at left has 3/4 sleeves, ribbing on neck & cuffs, and the hem is slit up the sides for easier fit. The color, as in all my weavings, will shift through modified shadings.

See the ladies below for more options. Your choices: *sleeve length  *neckline  *ribbed edges  *slit sides


Shell above has lace shoulders, a simple top to dress down or up.

Alphons Mucha's model wears a pink TT, below, in Art Nouveau style.

The T-top on Raphael's modelis a combo of browns, with ribbing on all hems.
Cassat's "Young Mother Sewing" wears shorter sleeves,in 3 shades of red.

Renoir's "mom" sits "On TheTerrace" in soft yellows.



Patchwork T-Tops
are a combo of weaves collected over time. They include patterns, leno-lace, applique, and a multitude of textures and shades. These become available as the selection of patches coordinate for a new top. Each is one-of-a-kind.

Above, front view shows applique patches.

Featured at top is Mona Lisa's top in naturals, 100% cotton.
All edges are ribbed, however, the waist hem also has a side
slit to allow more hip room.

Back view continues the various weaves.
Above: Black patchwork, with ribbed neck & wrists. Below: Black, navy, blues, TT with ribbed edges. (not patchwork) Above: the twin (separate top) of the shirt above left. These were made on the same warp, with duplicate patterns. Above right: TTop with matching shawl. Below: Patchwork TT, with blue-black patterns and ribbed edges.
The T-Top on this row is not the same as the one above right. It is a re-do. With custom requests, tops can be modified and repeated, and adjustedfor size.


      Three Patchwork TT's. In comfy, 100% cottons, they are woven with textured nubby yarns. These have different sleeve lengths, waist hems, and round, boat, or v-necklines.
       This style is unisex, a good simple style for men,too, similar to a large T-shirt.
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Blue - appliqued diamonds and a ribbed hem.. Pink - patchwork with a variety of weaves appliqued together, and ribbed sleeves.. Oatmeal/beige - a v-neck, with strands of pastel colors, and open slit sides.
Designing the Color of the fabric bychanging shades, one weft yarn at a time, is intriguing. It's a very tactile process, choosing one shade, then another ... a little sparkle, a fluffy boucle, a smoother nub. This is done gradually with many inter-mingled yarns that allows the color to flow softly from one shade to another throughout the piece. Usually one area of the top is deeper than the rest, and another more subdued.
In contrast, many weavers put all their variety into the warp (vertical), then use 1-2 yarns for a simplified weft (horizontal). I use as many as a dozen yarns in both warp & weft.


Renoir's "Young Woman Sewing"
wears a choli in nubby peach cottons.
Choli Blouses, another traditional style, are short, cropped tops. This one is made of a long rectangle and a square, with the bottom points of the rectangle folded up to make dolman sleeves. It is loose with the only sizing coming in the waist, which has an adjustable drawstring.


The shell tops may have capped sleeves (on right) and round, vee, or boat necks. The shell (on left) is sleeveless with a wider scoop neck. It's also a patchwork, made of many weaves, pastel color patterns and leno-lace open weave. Both are 100% cotton and woven with textured nubby yarns.


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  To commission a one-of-a-kind top, contact me with your choices of options. Choose: 1. style, 2. color, 3. Size: s, m, l.  Most weavings are one predominant color with several alternate shades of the same color (or another) mixed in. Prices range from $125 - $165, depending on style, complexity of colors, & weave or lace pattern. For more info, click on link choices above. With your request, you'll receive a descriptive statement and yarn samples. Deposit by check, Visa/MC, or Paypal.  For tops readily available, see Ready For Your Now.